What is the Plank?

The Plank is a fundamental bodyweight exercise, and lays the foundation for more challenging core exercises. Beginners may benefit the most from performing the plank exercise with perfect form. This is because the plank primarily targets various core muscles, including the abs and the spinal erectors.

The Plank strengthens the muscles that help keep your spine neutral. Because of this, you can also expect to see improvements to your posture. Improvement to posture can also lead to improvements to your back health.

Plank demonstration

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How to perform the Plank

Begin the exercise lying down with facing toward the ground. Stretch out your legs behind you as far as possible and come on to your forearms. Ensure your hands are facing directly forward and that your shoulders are directly underneath your elbows.

Suck your belly in and engage your core. Don't let your hips sink to the floor. You can prevent your hips sinking by squeezing your legs together and by activating your glutes. It's important to make sure your body makes a perfect line, so don't lift or sink your hips. Keep head in a neutral position throughout.

Hold the plank position until your form starts to break. Aim for holding the position for 30-60 seconds.


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