About Cali Skills

Cali Skills gives you everything you need to improve your bodyweight fitness in a fun, engaging, and accessible way. Our Web App lets you track your progress, and perform bespoke workouts, all while growing stronger and healthier.

The releases page is regularly updated with details about all the latest Cali Skills features.


"I think this is going to be really useful. I am 40 and just started bodyweight workouts about a month ago. Thank you for this."

- Derrick G. Wood from Arizona, USA

"This is super helpful, I also love the workout generator, I will be using this from now on. Got me up from the sofa from a 2 month break so guess it have done wonders already"

- Harald from Trondheim, Norway

"I am adding your site to my Cool Websites bookmark folder, keep up the great work."

- Riyad from Salé, Morocco

"I'm literally excited about going home and trying this out tonight, after a long hard day at work. Thanks so much! May Brodin bless you with much swolery."

- SA from Durham, England

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