Release Notes

v1.11.5: Improve your Isometric hold times

Sun Feb 16 2020

Want to improve your L-Sit hold time? Try out our brand new workout format 'Improve Your Isometric Holds'. Create your workout with our Workout Generator.

v1.11.4: Better saving visibility with the save button

Wed Feb 12 2020

We've revamped the exercise card in your Skill Tree to make saving feel more intuitive.

demonstration for better saving visibility with the save button

v1.11.0: Our brand new homepage

Mon Feb 10 2020

You can learn all about the amazing feature that Calisthenics Skills has to offer on our elegant new homepage.

v1.10.0: The Calisthenics Skills tour

Sat Jan 25 2020

Take the Calisthenics Skills tour and discover how our tools can help you reach your fitness goals.

You'll learn about the Skill Tree, Workout Generator, exercise and workout directory and more.

demonstration for the calisthenics skills tour

v1.9.8: First Pull Ups and Beyond

Sat Dec 28 2019

Achieving a Pull Up is one of the most common fitness goals. So Calisthenics Skills has created a brand new workout format to help you reach your Pull Up goals. It's called First Pull Ups and Beyond and it's designed to use a variety of workout techniques to help you get your first Pull Up.

v1.9.6: Improved Workout Personalisation

Mon Dec 23 2019

Reach your calisthenics goals more quickly and more easily with our improved Recommended Routine workouts.

Our Workout Generator now takes your progress into consideration. All you need to do is keep your Skill Tree update to date with your current progress and we do the rest.

v1.9.5: Skill Tree Tooltips

Sun Dec 22 2019

Find Calisthenics complicated? We're making it simpler for you. Our new skill tree tooltips give you a glimpse into each movement group, including the muscles worked and the milestone skills.

Special thanks to volunteer Suhag for adding tooltips.

demonstration for skill tree tooltips

v1.9.3: Updates to Milestone Skills + Video Player

Mon Dec 16 2019

To help track your milestone skills more easily the default icons have been removed and replaced with gold text.

The tutorial video no longer opens in fullscreen by default, to make for a more a seamless Calisthenics Skills experience.

demonstration for updates to milestone skills + video player

v1.9.0: Progress Tracking

Sat Dec 14 2019

You can now measure your calisthenics progress even more precisely. You can track your max rep/hold count for each exercise to help keep you focused on your calisthenics goals. In the future, your more finely-grained progress can be used with the Workout Generator to create even more personalised workouts.

demonstration for progress tracking

v1.8.0: Exercise Page

Tue Dec 10 2019

The Pull Up page is the first of a growing list of pages dedicated for a specific exercise. This is the beginning of Calisthenics Skills' bodyweight exercise directory, which lives here. You can find a description, exercise notes, difficulty levels and more for each exercise. You can also select your preferred gender for the instructional video.

demonstration for exercise page

v1.7.0: Skill Filter

Mon Dec 02 2019

With over 120 skills to complete, it's tricky focusing on a single skill. With the new Skill Filter, you can easily hone-in on the skills that matter most to you.

demonstration for skill filter

v1.6.2: Collapsible Trees

Sun Nov 10 2019

Is today leg day? Cut straight to the chase and collapse the skill trees to find the skills most important to you.

demonstration for collapsible trees

v1.6.0: Workout Generator

Wed Nov 06 2019

The brand new Workout Generator helps bridge the gaps between each skill, so you can reach your goals quicker. The first workout programme is based on the tried-and-trusted Recommended Routine.

v1.5.0: Sign up to Calisthenics Skills

Tue Oct 29 2019

Track your progress across all of your devices by signing up to Calisthenics Skills. Signing up to Calisthenics Skills lets you be the first to try out the newest features, like the upcoming Workout Generator.

clipboard icon.