Crow Pose

What is the Crow Pose?

For most people, the Crow Pose is the gateway into inversions and arm balances. Learning the Crow Pose helps set up any bodyweight fitness practitioner for a successful hand balance journey.

The Crow Pose is a beginner's arm balances their body's weight on their hands. The body is in such a position that the knees kept close toward the chest. At the same time, the knees are also resting on the triceps or elbows.

Because the body's centre of gravity is low, balancing the body in the Crow Pose is much easier than doing so in a Handstand. The Crow Pose is an excellent exercise

As well as being a popular move in calisthenics, Crow Pose is a very popular movement in yoga, where it's often referred to as Bakasana. Crow Pose can be adjusted to be more challenging by straightening the arm, doing so results in performing Crane Pose.

Crow Pose demonstration

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How to perform the Crow Pose

For those worried about falling on to their heads, you can place a pillow in front of you. Stand up with feet slightly further than shoulder-width apart. Point your feet outward slightly and sink into a deep squat. Plant your hands on the floor a little further in front of you.

With a slight bend in your arms shift your body forward so most of your transfers to your wrists. When your elbows are directly over your wrists, bring your knees on to your triceps, one at a time. You can keep your toes on the grounds whilst doing so.

Become comfortable with the feeling of the weight on your hands. Slowly bring the weight of your toes until you tuck your feet toward your bum. When balancing, try and keep your elbows tight to your waist. Experiment with shifting your bodyweight back and forward, and try to keep your chest proud.

There are several ways of moving into the Crow Pose, the accompanying videos also detail alternatives. This article is also an excellent resource for learning some modifications.

For those that are comfortable with Crow Pose and want to increase the difficulty of the exercise. Try and straighten your arms during the balance. This progression is known as Crane Pose.


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