Recommended Routine

A calisthenics workout for all levels. The recommended routine was popularised on reddit's bodyweight fitness board. The 'Recommended Routine' is named as such because it's an accessible way to learn the fundamental bodyweight exercises. For beginners, the recommended routine is also a great calisthenics workout to build muscle.

The recommended routine is a bodyweight workout plan designed to target all the major muscle groups whilst building the foundations for more complicated movements. The recommended routine is a full-body workout, with 9 exercises performed during the main phase of the routine. One of the recommended routine's benefits is it's a calisthenics workout that can be performed with no equipment. While some exercises need equipment, like a pull-up bar, parallel bars or rings, most have equipment-less alternatives.

Because each exercise is part of a progression, you can adjust them to make them easier or more challenging to suit your skill level.

Calisthenics Skills generates a .pdf workout based on your current Skill Tree progress.

The Workout Plan

The recommended routine has two phases.

The first phase of the routine is the warm up and the second phase of the routine is the main workout. The main workout is split up into four groups of exercises. The first three groups are blocks of two exercises, while the fourth group is a block of three exercises:

  • Group 1: Pull-up progression → Squat progression
  • Group 2: Dip progression → Hinge progression
  • Group 3: Row progression → Push-up progression
  • Group 4: Anti-extension progression → Anti-rotation progression → Extension progression

You can use our Workout Generator to create a bespoke recommended routine workout. The generated workout details the suggested rep count and rest periods for each exercise. You will need to sign up to use this feature.

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