Straight Bar Dips

What is the Straight Bar Dips?

This a variation of the dip that places more emphasis on the chest then Parallel Bar Dip. The Straight Bar Dip is an excellent exercise choice for those training the Bar Muscle Up. The Straight Bar Dip poses some specific challenges, due to a limited range of motion, and the body's relation to the bar. As such, the legs are often used as a counter-weight for this exercise.

Straight Bar Dips demonstration

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How to perform the Straight Bar Dips

Begin the exercise in the Support Hold. With your hands shoulder-width apart, or slightly further apart. Keep your core engaged and in the Hollow Body position throughout, don't lose tension at any point during the movement.

As you lower your body, pull the bar inwards, like your trying to bend it. This will prevent your elbows from flaring. You want your elbows to remain tight to your body. While your arms are bending, gradually raise your legs. Doing this keep your body balanced and allows you to touch the bar with your upper abs or lower chest. Don't lean forward too much, and aim to be get your elbows to at least 90 degrees before pushing back up again.

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