Pull Up

What is the Pull Up?

The Pull Up is a fundamental pulling movement. The primary muscles used during this exercise is are the latissimus dorsi and the biceps brachii, but dozens of other muscles are also worked. The aim of the movement is to move the body from a straight-arm hanging position, to one where the elbows are flexed and the chin is above the bar.

Pull Up demonstration

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How to perform the Pull Up

Begin the exercise with your arms full extended, gripping the pull up bar shoulder-width apart with a pronated grip. Squeeze your core and legs and maintain this hollow position throughout.
Engage your scapula for the initial lift, then squeeze your lats, trying to pull your elbows in towards your butt. Pull down with your arms until your chin comes over the bar. Perform the negative portion of the movement in a controlled manner until your arms are full extended.
During the beginning of the movement don't let the momentum of your legs assist you, keep your legs tight together and in a straight line. Ensure that you're completing the full range of motion, which means that arms are fully extended at the bottom of the movement and that the bar touches your shoulder at the top of the movement.


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