Pike Push Up

What is the Pike Push Up?

The Pike Push Up, or Pike Press, is a modified version of the standard Push Up. The key difference between the Pike Push Up the standard Push Up is the orientation of the torso in relation to the arms. With the regular Push Up, the body is straight and near parallel with the ground. The legs are much closer to the arms in the Pike Push Up, which elevates the hips until they're almost overhead.

A Pike position is where the legs are straight, but the hips are bent. The starting position of the Pike Push Up looks like a triangle.

For those looking at achieving the Handstand Push Up, the Pike Push Up is a great foundational movement to achieve. This is because the Pike Push Up is one of the earliest overhead pushing exercises found in the Skill Tree

Much like the Push Up, the Pike Push Up is an upper body exercise that primarily works the chest and tricep muscles. Because the Pike Push Up incorporates overheard pushing, the shoulder muscles are also targeted.

Performing the Pike Push Up can also improve hamstring flexibility, which comes as a result of the legs being positioned closer to the arms.

Pike Push Up demonstration

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How to perform the Pike Push Up

As the Pike Push Up is a more challenging variation of the Push Up, it's important to ensure that form is perfect.

Begin in the Push Up form. Now walk your feet as close to your hands as you comfortably can while keeping your legs straight. This is your starting position.

In a slow and controlled manner, bend your arms and keeping your elbows tight to your waist. Keep bending your arms until the crown of your head touches the floor. Bring your head further forward than your hands. When the crown of your head touches the floor, your three points of contact on the ground, your hands and head, should make a triangle.

Once at the bottom position, push down with your arms to bring your body back to your starting position. Ensure that your legs remain straight throughout the movement, and that your arms aren't flaring outwards.

The closer your legs are to your torso, the more challenging the exercise. So if the Pike Push Up is too difficult, you can walk your legs back a few steps.


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