Hollow Body Hold

What is the Hollow Body Hold?

The Hollow Body Hold is an exercise that works your core. When done correctly, the Hollow Body Hold can target the lower abs, an often underworked section of the core muscles

Use the Hollow Body Hold to build your core strength foundation. Learning the Hollow Body Hold lays the foundation for advanced calisthenics exercises, like the Handstand, Dragon Flag, and Front Lever. It's also a great exercise for improving posture and the body's awareness of itself. This is due to the emphasis on performing a posterior pelvic tilt when in the Hollow Body position.

Hollow Body Hold demonstration

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How to perform the Hollow Body Hold

Begin the exercise by lying on your back. Bring your knees toward your chest, and hold them when they're pointing up toward the ceiling. Squeeze your glutes and lift your shoulders off the ground a few inches. A key indicator that you're successfully performing the Hollow Body Hold is a lower back that is completely flat on the ground. If a partner were to try, they shouldn't be able to slide their hand under your lower back.

Once you're in this position, increase the difficulty by straightening your legs. If your lower back comes off the ground, bring your legs back closer to your body. Aim to to hold this position for 45-60 seconds. As you improve with good form, straighten your legs, and bring them your heels close to the ground. You can increase the difficulty by moving your arms behind your head, so your upper arms are by your ears.

Once you've understood the basics of the Hollow Body Hold, have a look at this video by FitnessFAQs. It dissects the exercise and looks at common mistakes and how to resolve them.


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